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Marsha has always been fascinated by technology and gadgets. She started out as a computer programmer in the early days of the internet, and was one of the first people to create websites for businesses. Her skills led her to become a project manager for a major tech company, where she managed teams of programmers and engineers.Marsha is now retired, but still keeps up with the latest trends in technology. She loves to share her knowledge with others, and often speaks at conferences about the latest gadgets and technologies.

Motorola Moto G Pure is an easy bargain

The Moto G Pure is the rare $160 phone that works well enough that you forget you’re using a sub-$200 device. Yes, Motorola made some compromises to deliver a phone at this low price...

The Verge’s $25 holiday gift guide: cheap earbuds, tools, and other tech

Anchor headphone hook The real estate on your desk is valuable, so stop monopolizing it with your headphones. This hook comes with a secure 3M...

AMD’s powerful 5800X processor is down to its lowest price yet at Newegg

The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X has been discounted at Newegg, letting you save up to $75 with the promo code BFPAYA526. This brings the total down to $374, the lowest price we’ve seen for...

The new Moto G Power offers a 50-megapixel camera and three days of battery...

Motorola has announced the latest version of its budget Moto G Power smartphone, which keeps the $199.99 starting price point and three-day battery life, but with additional camera, display, and spec improvements. The new Moto...

Warner Bros. Smash-style fighter pits Bugs Bunny against Arya Stark

After numerous leaks hinted that a new fighting game with Warner Bros. characters was in the works, Warner Bros. Games finally put the rumors to bed with the announcement of Multiversus. The announcement was...

Nreal’s $599 mixed reality glasses are launching in the US on Verizon

Nreal’s augmented reality glasses are coming to the US through a Verizon partnership. The $599 Nreal Light glasses will appear in 20 Verizon stores nationwide on November 30th and be available for purchase online...

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