How to solve unblock box issues


The current technological developments have made thousands of TV box products enter households. The rise has led to the growth of corresponding problems. Do you have a new Android TV box? Here are six tips on how to troubleshoot a TV box WIFI connection. The tips will help you to unblock box issues that might exist.

Troubleshooting Unblocked box Issues

Switch off and restart the box WIFI connection of your Android TV 

When you get online, your TV stores the IP address assigned by a WIFI connection, which applies to a current WIFI. You shouldn’t worry if you don’t have an addressed conflict. If a conflict is present, switch off and restart the WIFI connection. Here is the method to use:

Go to the TV box menu and select settings. Select the network and wireless settings and enter the WIFI settings project. Choose to turn off (switch off) WIFI in a new window that appears and reenter the project after ending the operation. Select switch off (turn off) to restart your WIFI connection.

Abandon your android TV network

If method one fails to work, you can opt to have the android TV forget a network and re-add again. Here is the method you will use in this operation.

Move beyond the area coverage you need to ignore and select forget the network. Go back to the area that area coverage and wait for automatic display of the network. Key in your network password for a fresh login. Here, the TV should be able to access the new network and start to work properly.

Inspect your android TV WIFI password

WIFI passwords should get charged periodically. As the network makes these adjustments, your TV box may fail to get updated automatically, and you will need to update your WIFI manually. Here is the method to use:

Go beyond a coverage area of your network that has the problem. In your network configuration project, you need to adjust and choose adjust network settings. Key in a new password, review your input password data, and save the password. Your WIFI should now be working normally.

Inspect the advanced WIFI settings 

If the above methods can’t solve anything, get into your android TV box, advanced TV box WIFI settings, and do the necessary settings. Use the following method:

Open your TV box menu and go to the settings window. Select the wireless network and enter your WIFI settings. Go to the advanced options to enter your proxy server settings. Confirm Android devices without using any proxy server. If your domain name or IP address is in the proxy section, get rid of it to address your WIFI connection failure.

Set a static IP address

You have another option to set a static IP address for an android TV box. It indicates that a router that a user should use to connect with has problems with the DHCP address assignment. It can also mean that your device has given the wrong address. Setting the IP address, you enter the data into a static address setting bar (subnet mask, gateway, IP address, and DNS)

The problem with a static IP address is that it applies to all WIFI. You can only use it when a user connects to the WIFI.

Switch off the WIFI dormancy

If the WIFI has frequent issues, all users should set WIFI dormancy to never. The never strategy increases power consumption but makes the WIFI connection more stable.


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