All You Need to Know About superbox s2 pro channels list


Superbox pro-2021 gives the best stream of entertainment on a TV. You can access over 1000 live channels and TV and movie episodes without a cable. The superbox enables you to watch your favorite TV channels at an affordable rate easily. You will stream live news, free TV, movies, and music.

Compared to the past terrestrial, cable TV, and satellite, superbox are free subscription tv boxes. They have an android 9 system and many other upgraded hardware. It also runs faster.


There are no subscription or hidden fees. The channels offered by superbox and all other services are free of charge. You only pay for this box and enjoy the free streaming in Canada and USA.

It’s easy to access over 1000 premium channels using the free subscription. The free live channels here are the live news, including entertainment, sports, politics, and all worldwide language channels. You need to check all your updated superbox s2 pro channels list here.

More entertainment. You will access over 10000 movies here. The movies include comedy, action, fantasy, drama, horror, romance, mystery, and thriller. You will also access the many TV episodes on these 1000-plus channels.

You will be able to access the live packages in HD. They include the CFL, American football NFL, baseball, MLB, MSL, ice hockey, NHL, basketball NBA, ECHL, AHL, MMA, soccer, boxing, golf, and cricket.

You will get seven days of playback functions. You will never miss programs or events.

The superbox is fully loaded. You only have to plug it into your television using an HDMI or AV. You then connect it to the internet using either an ethernet port or WIFI. Run the setup for five minutes and enjoy the viewing.

It gives high-quality output streaming. The android version of this box supports 4K/6K UHD (Ultra HD) resolution and HDR (High Dynamic range). You will experience smoothness and clarity that you haven’t seen before.

It works in every country. You need an internet connection and a TV. You will have an easy time carrying it around while traveling.

The channels automatically update in the superbox at 17:00 every day. You get access to a list of channels you want when you search from the search bar. It’s also possible to download and print out the list in an excel format.

The technical details of the superbox

OS (operating system) of android 9

A memory of 2GB DDR3

Expanded memory: MicroSD (TF),  maximum 128GB

Storage: 16GB eMMC internal storage

AV output jack of 1×3.5mm

Wi-fi: Dual Band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

WIFI antenna that is external and independent

1x micro-SD(TF) Slot card reader

USB Port of 1X USB 2.0, 1X USB 3.0

Network LAN of 10/100M

Video output of high quality: 6K pixel (6144×3160) 60 fps

A one-year warranty period

HDMI Resolution of Ultra HD 6K


The superbox has new and improved features with an upgraded interface. It offers quality service. It has impressive features and user-friendly software to give excellent performance. If you want to get home entertainment without getting a new TV, a superbox s2 is the best option.


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