Geometric Glass Terrarium: Blend Different Shapes To Elevate Creative Genius


Terrariums are nice to have indoor decor. They feature live plants and can create an illusion of a fresh exotic garden inside your home. And it gets better if you have a knack for decorations. You can get away with unique arrangements that add aesthetic appeal by breathing life to dull corners.

The environment inside a geometric terrarium supports plants with varying ecological needs. Even a tropical piece can thrive inside the transparent glass. But if you don’t envy live plants, you can use faux plants to mimic their real counterparts.

Even so, authentic plants are excellent at infusing freshness into your decorations. Succulent plants such as cacti work best at pulling an attractive arrangement. It can sit in the living room, so you can benefit from it immensely. Plants have therapeutic qualities that manifest through a relaxed mind. This one happens when your focus shifts to the plant.

Research also shows that glass-based plant decors can help relax nerves. Therefore, anxious individuals can leverage this aspect to manage anxiety. The other subtle benefits that live plants bring. During the day, they absorb toxic gases keeping the room refreshed.

Terrariums are versatile gadgets that supply both elegance and ambiance. But what details should you keep an eye on when purchasing multiple units?

Geometry matters

Terrariums can sit on a stable surface, but if you want to create a charming centerpiece, the globe works better. They come with a competent metal strap that suspends them in the middle of the room. Decorating it is a matter of preference. You can use succulent plants or opt to go with candles or any other material that resonates with the room’s theme.

Square pieces are stand-alone. And you can place it on the table or use any other elevated surface as a base. A fairy theme works magic with this arrangement. And you can finish it by adopting natural plants that grow on soil.

Free-standing pieces can help you weave a miniature garden. The arrangement looks authentic if the terrarium extends along the wall as if it leans and touches the roof.

The power of pairs

Hanging similar terrariums adds modern glamour to a space. You can fill them with decorations of choice and hang them or place them at a strategic point. Uniform pieces maximize the power of collaboration to bring a refreshing ecosystem to life.

Box geometry accommodates a variety of decors, and you can take advantage of this feature to construct a near-natural scene. Ragged decors such as stone and wood lend a hand where you want to pull a striking contrast.

Your other pieces can house crystals and other natural elements if you want to create an exotic ecosystem. Ideally, sticking with a single theme pulls a sophisticated arrangement with a touch of nature.

The occasion adds a twist to your arrangement.

Terrariums can substitute flowers if you desire a plant ecosystem-themed weeding. To spice things up, you can go a notch higher by narrowing your theme to a more specific activity such as travel. This way, you can source small pieces that tell the story profoundly.

Take a tropical theme, for instance. You will need multiple terrariums to hold orchids and other tropical plants, such as ferns which helps to weave up a dramatic theme.

Key takeaway

Terrariums offer versatility that one can use to transform a space. And if you love your decorations to mimic seasoned florist ideas, you can leverage the power of geometry and themes to pull a sensational arrangement. Even better, geometric terrariums create a dramatic contrast that confuses your fans.

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