Guide to Choosing the Best Bead Spinners


If you like to string beads by hand, you might need to get a bead spinner. You can use a bead spinner for French beading, knitting, weaving, and other embroidery techniques. This tool helps in beading wire through the spinning technique. It uses the centrifugal force, which makes the beads flow up. Using bead spinners can save you a lot of time. It is advisable to get bead spinners made of wood as they are easier to use. The following are things to consider when choosing bead spinners:


For many years, wood has been used as the material for making bead spinners. Nowadays, you can find plastic and metallic bead spinners. Experts agree that wood spinners offer smooth flowing and are quite durable. Although plastic bead spinners are cheap, they tend to wear out after a few uses. Thus, you should spend more to get quality wooden bead spinners.


You should note that bead spinners are available in a range of sizes. The bowl should be at least half full to function properly. This means you should pay attention to the size of the spinner and choose one that suits your needs. If you are a hobbyist, you can buy smaller bowls. You should also take into account the size of beads. You should note that wider bowls are easier to use as compared to narrow ones. This is because they have adequate room for spinning.


You will find the manual bead spinners quite fun, meditative, and intriguing. If you want to go the manual way, you will have no problem controlling speed. Also, manual bead spinners are great for beginners. You can also find motorized bead spinners. These are fitted with rechargeable batteries and are designed to save you time. Since they take care of spinning, you work is to get the beads in.

Spin Direction

You need to consider your dominant hand. This is because you will be using it more. Avoid unidirectional spinners as they are difficult to use. Instead, you should go for bidirectional bead spinners as you are free to spin in any given direction. This means you can spin clockwise and counter-clockwise.


It is advisable to consider the price of your bead spinner. Fortunately, bead spinners are not very expensive. When buying you should ensure you get the value of your money. Always go for quality bead spinners. The metallic and wooden bead spinners are more expensive than their plastic counterparts. Additionally, motorized spinners are more expensive than manual ones.


Getting the best bead spinners does not have to be difficult. Make sure you consider the material, functionality, spin direction, and price. If you are running a business that requires beads, you should get a motorized bead spinner. However, if you are only using beads to accomplish your hobbies, a plastic spinner is the best option. When buying your spinner online, ensure you read reviews before choosing new brands. Other important things to consider include shipping cost and quality of the spinner.


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