What To Wear With A Tennis Skirt?


The tennis skirt is in vogue this summer. Here are 5 ways to style your sexytennis this summer, whether you want to dress it up or down. The tennis skirt is undeniably making a comeback, and we’re not at all shocked. Tennis skirts are a flexible essential that we recommend wearing for every activity and excursion since they’re simple to put on, easy to dress, and sure to be comfortable. You can style this trendy item using the advice provided by our professional stylists. Read on for all the skirt style inspiration you need, whether you’re playing tennis, doing errands, or doing whatever is next on your busy schedule.

Telegraph Your Inside Country Club

You can never go wrong when combining a tennis skirt with the preppy, country club tennis player style, and fear not—you don’t really need to be a tennis player to pull this look off. It’s tough to screw up and essentially always in style to wear this classic look. Start by tucking your preferred polo shirt into a straightforward tennis skirt; if the weather is cool, you may even tie a small jumper over your shoulders. From there, all you need to complete the look are a pair of adorable shoes, some thick ankle socks, and a baseball hat or visor.

Use Tennis Whites To Keep It Classic

Why not adopt an appearance that has been popular since the victorian era? Choose your favorite white top and match it with your white tennis skirt of choice. You may choose a tank top, a t-shirt, or a long sleeve. The minimum effort required for this appearance yields maximal style. It’s vital to remember that this wimbledon-inspired ensemble is more than just a fashion statement. According to the mythology behind this style, wearing all white reflects sunshine and hides perspiration, making it the ideal clothing for a hot summer day.

There is now a “core” vibe for each and every fashion trend thanks to gen z and their great social media awareness. If you are acquainted with tiktok, consider the normcore or popular y2k aesthetic (a casual unisex style of fashion). This summer, tenniscore is the new core aesthetic. Describe tenniscore. Tenniscore is a preppy, throwback athleisure fashion. Think of polo shirts, pleated skirts, and big, white dad shoes. This retro look is not only taking over the athleisure industry, but also the streetwear market. Join the trend by wearing a pleated tennis skirt with an oversized polo or sweater with a retro feel. Or perhaps think of wearing a brami and an oversized cardigan sweater with your pleated skirt. Add long socks and a new pair of white shoes to complete your ensemble.

Wilson has significantly contributed to the advancement of the tenniscore aesthetic as a company with such a strong history in tennis performance gear. If you need more inspiration for tennis skirt fashion, check out our 2021 special collaboration with the upscale clothing line kith. Tenniscore has the advantage of being fashionable both on and off the court. Check out our women’s tennis collection if you’re wanting to purchase items in this style right now; each item here perfectly embodies the tenniscore vibe.


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